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Identity is crucial in the design world. Who we are often defines the work that we produce. 
Who am I? I am an artist, naturally, but I am also an avid reader, baker, hiker, a mission trip enthusiast, lover of everything sustainable, and I used to be a veterinary student. I know, switching from veterinary school to art school? It's a big leap. 
But hear me out, because the first time I held a camera, it was like magic. Just that sound of the shutter, and understanding how to look at the world as if every tiny thing could be something beautiful. 
Art is hard, learning to take pride in your work can be difficult. But the passion and fun that I have in experimenting with new mediums, the occasional moment of panic when a burning flower falls to the ground and almost lights my yard on fire (only happened once, to be fair), is something I try to allow my clients and audience to see through my work. 
So, who are you? 
If you are someone who thinks coffee is best served cold, Pluto is indeed a planet, or just wants to talk design, send me an email!

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